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Brush Cutting

We can safely cut on slopes of 30 degrees or a 58% grade or in wet and marshy areas where conventional equipment just can't go.

Taming the Wild!

One of our favorite attachments is the Tough Cut, you will have to see in person to believe. We can tackle any sized brush, overgrown lots, fields, hillsides, ditches, retention ponds and around ponds/lakes/water edges. One of the most impressive jobs to date was about 4 acres of 7-8 foot tall dense stinging nettle and wild parsnip fields. We cut through it in about 3 hours time.

Improves Land Value

Brush clearing with LC's gives a significant return on your investment. Getting rid of dead trees, overgrown bushes, stubborn weeds, and decaying stumps will improve your curb appeal, increase the size of your usable land, and potentially boost your land’s overall value all in a matter of hours.


Take back your lawn!

Clear overgrown brush, saplings, invasive weeds that have started to creep into your lawn. Follow up with the Power Rake attachment to create a seed bed and AeraVator to sow the seed is the trifecta to taking back your lawn!

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